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Nathalie Douce, a French Artist-Designer, born on May 22, 1970 in Béziers ( south of  France) ,lives and works in

Paris while globetrottingwhenever work calls.


After her studies in visual art, cinema, communication and marketing in Montpellier, she arrived in Paris early 90s and began to work with tools and technics which she mastered and also those she herself developed.


Multidisciplinary visual artist she is self-taught and is strongly inspired by “NATURE” from which she draws strength and equilibrium. She works the image, shape and the object through painting, sculpture, design, decoration, fashion designing, music, photography, video, visual media in her capacity as director for television.


She founded her company in 2003 and herown forms of expression and experience allows her to offer, as a complement, her services as “artistic director”.


Resolutely contemporary, “she explores existing materials which she mixes and masters giving them strength and expression, in an esthetic, practical and at times poetic outputs”.



A prolific creator, working on unique and personalized objects throughinterior designs (objects, furniture, and decorations) she now focuses essentially on design.

Besides collections and decorations of porcelain which she creates for “Ariane”, following her meeting with Dr Khater Massaad in 2014, she works on the designs for ceramic industry (Sanitary, Tiles…) but also for the creation of new concepts for the international markets both for objects of regular use which is of practical applications and for the domain of luxury.



logo douce design 11-2015

Her inspiration: Nature, Traveland her surroundings.

Her creative “engine”: freedom and curiosity

Although such a free electron in perpetual movement, she keeps equilibrium’ as her key word.

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